BITAREL Quick-Drying Primer

For surface priming
TS BY 690590146.017-2016

  • Doesn’t tack
  • Deeply soaks into

Appearance: Homogenous black liquid mass.

Composition: Petroleum bitumen, organic solvent and processing additions.

Average consumption: 0.16-0.35 kg/m² (primer consumption depends on surface texture).

Is used to:

  • prepare base of isolated surfaces (wooden, metal, concrete);
  • ensure best adhesiveness of alignable roofing and waterproofing before applying road sealants and tapes;
  • prepare metal surfaces before applying sealants.

Surface preparation:

The working surface needs to be dry and cleared from dirt, during winter period snow, ice and frost need to cleared with a brush.

Rust metal surfaces need to be cleared mechanically.

Product preparation:

Before using the primer must be stirred throughout until homogenous mass.

Add solvent if necessary until proper consistence. At sub-zero temperature it is recommended to keep primer at +15°С for 24 hours.

How to use:

A single layer is applied with a brush, capron brush or a paint roller.

Such method rubs the primer into the surface, saturating and binding it, ensuring strong adhesion of waterproof coating to the surface. Ambient temperature should not be below -20°С.


Must be stored in sealed containers in dry rooms protected from sunlight at -20°С to +30°С.

Must not be stored in living area or in proximity to foods. Keep away from children.

Technical characteristics
Parameter Standard for the mark
Viscosity at viscosimeter VZ-246 with 4 mm muzzle diameter, s, at least 20
Layer drying period at 20°С, h, not exceeding 2
Non-volatile matter content, %, at least 35
Density at 20°С, g/cm3, at least 810
Dry residue softening point, °C, at least 80