For roofing and waterproofing
TS BY 690590146.020-2018


  • Eco-friendly (does not contain solvents or other toxins)
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor works
  • Applicable to any surfaces (wood, metal, concrete, brick, etc.)

Appearance: homogenous dark-brown or black liquid mass.

Composition: pre-fabricated water emulsion of petroleum bitumen, modified with processing additions.

Is used to

  • prepare base surfaces (concrete, cement, brick, wood, screed before applying waterproofing sealants and glue);
  • ensure better adhesion of alignable self-adhesive roofing and waterproofing;
  • prime base surfaces, metal surfaces of constructs;
  • ensure strong adhesion of waterproofing with the surface.

Surface preparation:

The working surface must be dry and cleared from dirt; dust, sand, trash, grease and oil patches; all cracks and uneven surfaces must be mended and levelled with repair mortars.

Product preparation:

Before using, the sealant must be stirred throughout until homogenous mass. Add water if necessary.

Technical characteristics
Parameter Standard for the mark
Proportion of binding emulsifier, % of mass 25-40
Softening point, °C, not exceeding 75
Viscosity at (20.0±0.5)°С, s, at least 5-50
Drying period at 20°C, h, not exceeding 1

Average consumption: 0.16-0.35 kg/m² (primer consumption depends on surface texture).

Working temperatures: +5°С to +40°С.


Must be stored in sealed containers in dry rooms protected from sunlight at +5°С to +30°С.

Must not be stored in proximity to foods. Keep away from children. Do not allow freezing!