Bitarel Multi-Purpose Sealant

For all types of works
TS BY 690590146.016-2016


  • High adhesiveness to surface
  • Thermal and frost resistant
  • Water, acid and alkaline resistant
  • Easy to apply (with a brush, roller, etc.)
  • Provides protection in humid, acidic or alkaline environments
  • Attaches and doesn’t corrode insulation (stone wool)

Appearance: homogenous black liquid mass.

Composition: petroleum bitumen, polymer, organic solvent and structuring compounds.

Is used to:

  • attach rolled roofing and waterproofing;
  • maintain and repair sealant roofing with and without reinforced base, and rolled and membrane roofing;
  • seal foundations and slabs of buildings;
  • waterproof interior and exterior concrete, reinforced concrete, metal, wooden and other constructs;
  • seal welding seams and metal surfaces, including pipelines;
  • establish vapor barriers;
  • waterproof pools, water closets, bathrooms, shower cabins.

Surface preparation:

The working surface must be dry and cleared from dirt; snow, ice and frost must be cleared with a brush during winter period. Rust metal surfaces must be cleared mechanically.

Product preparation:

Before using, the primer must be stirred throughout until homogenous mass. Add solvent if necessary until proper consistence. At sub-zero temperature it is recommended to keep primer at room temperature for 24 hours.

How to use:

Sealant is applied layer by layer with a brush, spattle or by pouring and levelling with a spraying brush.

Every next layer is applied after the previous one dries completely. Depending on the ambient temperature the sealant working temperature ranges from +5°С to +30°С.

Technical characteristics
Parameter Multi-purpose sealant (MBPH)
Non-volatile matter content, %, at least 55
Viscosity on viscosimeter VZ-246 with 6 mm muzzle diameter, s, a least 140
Adhesion to base, MPa, at least -0.6 to concrete
0.5 to metal
Bong joint shear strength, kN/m, at least 6.0
Water absorption within 24 h, % of mass, not exceeding 0.3
Homogeneity Absence of clots of undissolved polymer or foreign particles
5.0±0.2 mm radius of curvature at -15°C No cracks
Elongation at break, %, at least 300
Thermal resistance, 90°C, at least 90
Drying time to degree 2, h, not exceeding 8-10
Longitudinal strength, MPa, at least 0.3
Natural radionuclides content EFA Bq/kg, not exceeding 80
Water impermeability at 0.001 MPa pressure within 72 h. Endures
Resistance to acidic environments, %: variation of longitudinal strength / variation of elongation strain Not exceeding 10 / Not exceeding 10
Resistance to alkaline environments, %: variation of longitudinal strength / variation of elongation strain Not exceeding 10 / Not exceeding 10
Consumption when striping, kg/m² 0.55-0.95
Consumption when patching, kg/m² 0.45-0.75

Average consumption: 1.0-1.5 kg/m² per layer (sealant consumption depends on the number of layers applied).


Must be stored in sealed containers in dry rooms protected from sunlight at -20°С to +30°С.

Must not be stored in living area or in proximity to foods. Keep away from children.