BITAREL JET-E Bitumen Polymer Self-Adhesive TAPE

To repair asphalt-concrete road cracks
ТS BY 690590146.008-2014

BITAREL JET-E bitumen polymer self-adhesive tape is a rolled material composed of petroleum bitumen, polymer and texturing agents.

Scope of application

BITAREL JET-E is used as a sealing tape to repair asphalt coating cracks 2-5 mm wide. It is mainly used for minor roads.

Base preparation

The asphalt surface to which the tape is fixed should be free of dust, dirt, debris, oils prior to application. Under wet or ice conditions, the surface should be blown down with compressed air.

The area of crack to be bridged should be dry and not contain loose parts.

Product preparation

When the tape is stored in a warehouse at an ambient temperature below 0 °C, it should be temperature-controlled in a room at an ambient temperature of 15-20 °C 24 hours minimum prior to lay it down.

Product application

Take out the tape rolls from the pack units and remove protective release agent. Apply the tape to the crack face and glue it manually or using labor saving tools.

Product application operations should be carried out at an ambient temperature of +5 °C or higher. In case the temperatures below +10 °C, use a propane burner to heat the asphalt surface to increase the bonding force of the tape.

Technical characteristics
Item Value Actual
Appearance of tape Level layer without breaks and through pinholes
Softening temperature on ring and ball, °C, or higher 85 90
Depth of cone penetration, at 25 °С, mm 20-100 35
Radius of curvature – 020 mm, 0 °С, max. -5 -8
Permeability and recovery (elasticity),%, min. 10 20
Yield resistance at 60 °С, for 5 h inclined 75° from a metal surface, mm ≤2,0 0
Strength of base adhesion, MPa, min. 0.12
Operation temperature limits, °С -5…+60°С


Keep the rolls dry and indoor in protected from direct sunlight and atmospheric precipitates. Store the rolls horizontally. Interlining material between rolls is required.